David B Horne

Raising capital and growing businesses since 2002.

Giving thanks

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been delighted to share some excerpts from my upcoming book with you. In writing these posts, I’ve been struck by the wide range of influences I’ve had, and of the transformative power of other people’s work. Most of all, however, I’ve reflected upon how lucky I have been to have met, read about and built relationships with so many incredible people. read more

Let's Talk About Money

Any gamblers here? Playing cards are money. Well, they were. Seriously. Having grown up in Canada, I learned about a very interesting kind of money that not many people have heard of - playing cards! read more

Finance, Money, Philosophy, and the Meaning of Life

Come with me on a journey as we venture through time and space, creating life in the moment, for there is no other way. The past is our memory and the future is just thought. Gifted with both, the rest is up to us. Let’s create! read more

A book for and in Celebration of Entrepreneurs: Part I

Writing this post, which is a summary of what you will find in my upcoming book, I've been struck by the wide range of influences that have inspired it. As I mentioned in the previous post, one of my biggest sources of inspiration was the KPI programme run by Daniel Priestley. So, it is serendipitous that he was kind enough to write the foreword. read more